What exactly is e-learning?

E-learning is, put simply, electronic learning. This means learning something digitally without the need for someone or group of people to actually teach the course content. It normally involves technology such as computers, tablets and smart phones, along with headphones if there are audio elements to it. E-learning courses is often interactive and can involve quizzes, questionnaires, short articles or pieces of writing and even games.

A lot of companies will use e-learning for their mandatory training modules for staff and workers to complete. This can be as simple as reading onboarding documents to completing more complicated health and safety training.

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What are the benefits of e-learning?

There are plenty of benefits to e-learning, from being cost effective to saving time for the company or the employee.

It's cost effective
Creating engaging and effective e-learning removes the repeated cost of having someone physically teach an individual person or groups of people. An e-learning course that is created once can be used many times.

It saves time
E-learning is often more time friendly than traditional teaching methods thanks to the way the content is delivered. By utilising short, bitesize sections of information you can save time on lengthy lessons while still having the same outcome of retained information.

You can learn anywhere
One of the biggest benefits of completing e-learning courses is that you can learn from almost anywhere. Courses can be delivered online, securely downloaded or even accessed through a learning portal. This means that whether you're working from home, from the office or out on the go, you can always access your e-learning content.

It increases productivity
E-learning gives people the choice of when and where they can complete their e-learning, which means they can control their work day better. This results in fewer disruptions to a workflow and offers less distractions.

Easy course tracking and management
The benefits of having digital learning is just that, it's digital. This means that when someone completes a course or module this can be saved and tracked. This can often be essential for companies who require mandatory learning to be completed by their staff in order to do their role successfully or to be compliant. E-learning allows you to make sure that the modules are being completed and quickly check which members of staff haven't completed it yet.

What are the different types of e-learning?

There any many different types of e-learning courses that can be used to either enhance your existing training or add new and effective ways of offering learning content. A few examples of this include:

• Online courses
• Distance learning
• Online training
• Rapid learning
• Lesson based learning
• Video based learning
• Interactive learning

By utilising different types of e-learning and working with your existing content, you can choose the best method for delivering this to your staff, employees and colleagues.

The growth of e-learning in the UK

E-learning is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and, by 2026, expected to have a market size of 375 billion dollars. This growth has been driven by evolving technology, changes to workplace culture and tighter industry regulations and controls. Right now, the UK leads the way in the EU e-learning market with an estimated share of 28%, with this set to rise over the next few years.

It has never been a better time to be involved in e-learning development and, luckily for consumers, businesses and trainers, there are some fantastic resources available to find the best e-learning solutions with UK e-learning companies.

The e-learning industry website is an excellent source of information for all things e-learning, especially the e-learning directory. The directory lists some of the most popular companies in the UK, with descriptions and links to get in touch with them directly. You can even find us on there! You can view Lothian Learning on the e-learning industry website here.

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