E-Learning Events

The Future of E-Learning Conferences is unclear. As the impact of coronavirus is felt around the world no-one can be certain when life will return to ‘normal’. This has impacted almost every aspect of social interactions, and especially large social or corporate gatherings such as conferences. By it’s very nature as a digital focused solution, there are often very few opportunities for face to face discussions and interactions with fellow e-learning developers and companies. These rare opportunities were extremely valuable in discussing and sharing ideas across the e-learning community.

One of the largest events in the e-learning calendar, the Learning Technologies Conference in London managed to go ahead as planned in February of 2020 but they made the difficult decision to cancel the Summer event. This became a familiar trend as 2020 unfolded with many events being cancelled or transitioned into fully online events.

Check out the eLearning Industry calendar for an up to date list of upcoming e-learning events.

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