Benefits of Responsive e-Learning Design

What is responsive e-learning design?

Responsive design is a term used predominantly within the website design industry. In simple terms, means morphing a design across multiple screen sizes to display correctly to the end-user.

For example, an area of a web page may feature a three-column website however when shifting to the mobile version of the site, this then moulds to a one-column layout.

So why is this important to e-learning design? As the increase in the use of mobile devices continues for all online activities, it is vital e-learning courses also adapt and offer users a pleasant experience.

In modern society, it is unrealistic to assume e-learners will only access courses from a desktop.

Ensuring the best possible online learning experience has always been a key aim here at Lothian Learning. This is why we guarantee every course created for our clients will be fully responsive across all devices. Our courses look amazing and work intuitively on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens.

Benefits of responsive e-learning design

There are many advantages in creating a responsive e-learning course, which includes the following;

Flexibility of Learning

Responsive design offers the flexibility of learning to people operating from home or on the move. Courses will be accessible from their mobile or tablet devices meaning that no matter what their location, they have the ability to learn.

Ease of Access

Furthermore, for those learning online who wouldn’t consider themselves ‘tech-savvy’, it offers a simple experience as the design will automatically re-size to suit the device of the user. Avoiding the pain of adjusting sizes manually.

Future-proof Learning

A huge benefit is that no matter which new device or screen size comes in the future, the course will always be able to adapt accordingly. This means you don’t have to worry about switching your mobile, laptop, or tablet.

Training Budget Saving

Having a course that sizes automatically to all devices, means you save costs in having to develop this multiple times to suit each screen size.

Speak to us today to learn more about creating a responsive e-learning course for your business.

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