Benefits of E-Learning for Smaller Companies

The term “e-learning” is usually associated with “large companies”. This could be because the initial costs of setting up an eLearning programme are relatively costly, and smaller businesses are hesitant to invest such funds in staff development. While eLearning is still costly, over time it is becoming less so. Also, it offers such a high return on investment that it pays for itself in a matter of years. Although that’s not all; e-learning has several other advantages that might help smaller companies justify their first investments:

Existing costs are cut

Smaller companies are concerned about the initial costs of eLearning. However, they often overlook the fact that it will help them cut a number of existing costs. Furthermore, smaller companies must teach their personnel, which they do by outsourcing training. External training programmes add significant costs and will never be as interesting or relevant as eLearning. Investing in e-learning will improve management and training quality while also saving time and money.

E-learning could help smaller businesses expand

Large companies use eLearning because they are well established. They want to maintain the quality of knowledge and skills that their employees have, while also growing them to become even better. This will allow the company to expand even further and quicker. Small businesses didn’t get into the sector to stay small for the rest of their lives. Therefore, investing in e-learning makes sense. They can save money on the costs of acquiring new and better-skilled personnel, who would almost definitely demand greater salary. In addition to improved sales and additional value to their product or service, by upskilling their employees.

Intangible benefits

E-learning not only offers tangible benefits but also intangible ones. These include improved employee morale, expanded business opportunities, strengthened client relationships, and raised productivity. All of which, lead to increased profitability.   

Reduces employee turnover rate

One of the most common reasons employees leave a small company is because they realise they’ve outgrown it. They believe that their small group has taught them everything they need to know and that there is nothing further they can learn. If an individual perceives that their current employer is preventing them from progressing, they will leave without hesitation. This can be avoided via e-learning, which allows these people to develop without having to quit the company. If an organisation wants to keep its employees, they must offer them incentives that increase their personal and professional skills.

Here at Lothian Learning, we specialise in helping small and large businesses alike by creating bespoke e-learning content either by developing existing material or by working together with the clients to create something new. We know that e-learning is the way forward and we can’t wait to work together with you to bring your content to life. If you’re interested in working with us, you can contact us here and we’ll be happy to chat with you.

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